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Ciribaí Praia Hotel


Enjoy the beautiful Paúba Beach

Paúba beach is one of the most preserved beaches of the north coast. It is away from the highway, which allows visitors and locals to enjoy the beach with safety.

Paúba beach is small, with fine and white sand and it has calm waters. It is a great option for diving as it has many underwater caves.

Being one of the few left fishing villages on the North Coast of Sao Paulo, it is possible to see in Pauba artisanal fishing and narrow dirt roads living side-by-side with holiday homes.

Paúba has been reconciling the conservation of its natural beauty with the tourist activities and fishing. The mountains complete its beauty, not to mention the unique Ocean sunset. Visitors cheer at this nature’s spectacle.

The hotel is located just 4 blocks from the beach and, from the hotel, it is no necessary to cross the road to reach the beach, making it a safe and pleasant walk.

Ciribai is one of the best places to stay on the North Coast, combining a hotel infra-structure with the cosiness of an inn.