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Ciribaí Praia Hotel

Hotel in North Coast

Ciribaí Praia Hotel, on the north coast of Sao Paulo, is one of the newest hotels of the area. It is located in the beautiful and calm Paúba, belonging to Sao Sebastiao city.

Before the Portuguese colonization, the area was occupied by native Brazilians, the Tupinambás to the north and the Tupiniquins to the south, being the mountain of Boiçucanga the natural boundary of the lands of the tribes. Aiming at reflecting the roots and characteristics of the area, Ciribaí, which means, in the Tupi language, calm and pleasant place to rest, was the name chosen for our Hotel.

Ciribai Praia Hotel, on the north coast of São Paulo, brings together modern and safe architecture with bright, well-ventilated and comfortable rooms, as well as the peacefulness offered by its location,

Ciribaí consists of 39 rooms, creating a friendly and homelike atmosphere of interaction between guests. Accommodation for 2, 3 or 4 people with TV, DVD, air conditioner, ceiling fan, minibar, telephone, safe box, wireless internet and showers with central heating. And for families, it also has duplex apartments that accommodate up to 6 people.

Advantages of the Hotel on the North Coast

The Ciribaí Praia Hotel is just 4 blocks from the beach. It’s an easy and pleasant walk. As Paúba is a very cosy fishing village situated away from the highway, it is not necessary to cross any roads to reach the beach. Locals and visitors can enjoy the place with total safety and tranquillity. Even though the hotel is not far from the beach, we offer free transfer from the hotel to the beach on holidays, high season and most weekends! (Contact us in order to know whether this service will be available on the period of your stay)

Ciribaí Praia Hotel has a modern and eco-friendly infrastructure. We have a 50.000-liter water reservoir and we use solar energy for the supply of hot water. We also have our own sewer treatment system and all the furniture of the suites was made from reforestation timber.

Ciribaí Praia Hotel has recently inaugurated a new wing adjoining the present main building. Premium Rooms – More comfort, peacefulness and sophistication. Located opposite the main building, it integrates the new events and leisure area.

The Premium Rooms, besides having the equipment of the Lux Rooms, are wider, more modern and luxurious and have new decoration.

Pauba and Maresias are great options for those who are looking for hotels in the most beautiful beaches of the north coast.