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Ciribaí Praia Hotel

North Coast

Staying in the North Coast of São Paulo

With many hotels and restaurants, the North Coast of Sao Paulo has besides the comfort, beautiful landscapes. In Ubatuba it is possible to purchase indigenous craft and enjoy the routes through beautiful beaches that stress the history of Brazil as a Colony. Caraguatatuba is reference in lodges in the north coast of São Paulo. It is known for its gastronomy and its beautiful beaches.

In Ilhabela and São Sebastião, the best lodgings of the north coast live together in harmony with beautiful waterfalls, rivers of clear waters and walking tracks in the middle of the forest and the lively night life.

Staying in one of the hotels of the north coast of São Paulo, visitors will see several beaches, some very close, other farther away, each one with unmistakable personality. Crowded or desert, very long or just a small sand strip, rough of calm, good for surfing or sunbathe, you just have to pick one, depending on what you are feeling at the moment.

Why stay on the north coast?

The north coast of São Paulo North Coast is among the most beautiful of the planet for its diversity, more than a hundred beaches spread along the coast and islands.

Besides the beaches, there are many waterfalls, waking tracks in the Atlantic rainforest, lively cities, excellent restaurants and crowded bars. Good conditions for sports and good art.

At any time of the year, anybody can take advantage of the richness of the area, you just have to choose where to stay, from campsites to fancy hotels. All of this just a few hours from Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

It is a great idea to know this part of the country and live great moments and experiences.