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Furo, known in the western world as Ofuro, is the Japanese bath.

It is a present we offer you! It is your moment do renew your ideas, recharge your batteries and find your physical and mental balance.

The bathtub

The Ofuro is a Eastern bathtub made of timber, very common in Japan as part of the Japanese ritual of bathing, not meant for washing but rather for relaxing and warming oneself. The bathtub, commonly handmade, does not require nails or screws, as a special technique of fitting the pieces of wood into one another is used. This is due to the fact that Western people believe iron or other metals hold negative energy. The bathtubs are usually built of cedar wood, which gives off its own scent and enhance the good effects of the bath.

The Ofuro, initially used by Japanese emperors and feudal lords to relieve the stress of the battle, is widely spread in the western world due to its therapeutic powers against stress, physical and mental exhaustion.
The temperature of the water can range from ambient temperature to 40C, as the bathers prefer. The tub has an exceptional thermic property which keeps the water warm during the bath, losing 5C each 24 hours.


In Japan, the Ofuro is not meant for washing but rather for relaxing and warming oneself. This ritual has its origin in the Shinto, original Japanese religion, which worships nature and purification of the soul.

The bath is a source of purification and also a moment of contemplation through meditation, aided by the bath.

The first purification ritual was depicted in The Kojiki, the most ancient Japanese book. God Izanagui (which represents the Yin energy) took a purification bath after visiting his late wife Izanimi (which represents the Yang energy) in the underworld. Whilst bathing, Izanagui created Amareassu (Sun Goddess), Tsukiony (Moon God) and Mikoto (Storm God).

The fact that Amarerassu, the most important deity in Japan was born during the bath ritual, made the act of bathing so important in Japanese tradition.


The ofuro bath is recommended for: Dilatation of blood vessels and pores improving circulation and skin cleansing; insomnia, as it relaxes the muscles; backache, rheumatism, fatigue, improving physical appearance, well-being and disposition. It is also recommended for stress, anxiety and muscular pain, as it provides relaxation and improves self-esteem.

The Bath

The bath is a therapeutic technique that has rescued the old-age culture, uniting the modern society to the natural sources of health and balance.

During the bath, the water is at 32 to 38 C. The bathtub is made of cedar wood, which helps keep the water warm.

The shape of the tub, the position of the body, the volume and temperature of the water resembles a womb, which brings the feeling of comfort, safety and well-being.

This ritual can be preceded by other therapeutic techiques as massage, acupuncture and aesthetic treatment.

The water

Water, of the elements of nature, is known for its therapeutic property, as 80% of our body is composed of water. Water replacement can not only be made through ingestion but also though the bath. Water is also related to emotions, considered purifying and diuretic, absorbing and draining toxins, relienving stress and improving circulation.


To complete the bath, the benefits of aromatherapy are also used. Incenses help stimulate the sense of smell, the central nervous system, the brain, memory and psyche, as they induce release of chemical substances which can be sedative, stimulating or relaxing.

The scent given off by incenses has the capability of restoring the balance among the systems in the human body. Its properties aid spiritual rise, relaxation, meditation and well-being.

Check our incense menu at the reception and book you ofuro bath (prices upon request).

Enjoy this delight right here!.

Duration of the bath: 30 minutes