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Hotels in Paúba

With hotels and inns, Paúba is a small, romantic and cosy village that maintains the atmosphere of a small fishing village among summer houses.

The fishing tradition is still maintained and you will see the fishing huts beside the river and small pubs that serve delicious seafood. Through the narrow streets you will arrive at the hotels in Pauba, close to the beach of calm and clear waters, white and fine sand. It is possible to scuba-dive and see the underwater rocks that will provide you an unforgettable experience.

Why stay in Pauba

The hotels in Paúba are perfect for families and couples. It is a place that still preserves the fishing tradition. It has clear and soft sands and calm waters, however when the southern wind blows, the waves are perfect for surfing. Being approximately 1km from the highway, Pauba maintains the pleasant atmosphere of a fishing village. It is a great choice for those who seek peace and safety. Narrow streets with local traditional houses will lead you to the beach, surrounded by hills covered with Atlantic Rainforest vegetation and rocky coasts. If you like spearfishing, you will find several fish species such as sea bass, corvine, mullet fish, grouper etc and, if you are lucky enough you might come across a turtle or lobster.

From the top of the hill it is possible to have a view of the Montão de Trigo island, Gatos island, Couves Island, the Ilhas. On very clear days, it is also possible to have a glimpse of the Guaruja Bay.

Pauba is recommended for swimming, walking, fishing, beach soccer and the practice of several types of water sports.